About Maybe God

Maybe God is  a community of doubtful believers and faithful skeptics bold and courageous enough to seek answers together.


The Maybe God Podcast tackles people’s most intimidating questions about God and the purpose of humanity through thought-provoking storytelling. Created in Houston, Texas in 2018, Maybe God quickly rose the Apple charts to Top 100 Spirituality Podcasts in 2019. With listeners in over 40 countries, Maybe God pushes as hard against religion as it does secularism in search of the only thing that matters: Truth.

No question is too big or too uncomfortable for the Maybe God team. We believe questions and doubts are the fuel of our faith. That’s why we haven’t shied away from issues like shame, sexuality, racism, near death experiences, false accusations, immigration, to name a few. We’ve featured country legend Randy Travis, New York Times bestselling authors John Burke, John Mark Comer and Dr. Anna Lembke, Showtime star Greg Kelley, renowned psychiatrist Curt Thompson, as well as artists, pastors and ordinary people with extraordinary stories.
The Maybe God Podcast is available on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts.
In 2019, the Maybe God team launched into production of its first documentary series based on a podcast episode called "Can Loving 'Illegals' Save Our Souls?" Part Two. "ACROSS" is a winner of two international film festival awards and is slated for release in late 2022. Click here for more information.    
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The Maybe God Team

Eric Huffman


Skeptic-at-heart Eric Huffman is the lead pastor of The Story Church, host of the Maybe God Podcast, and author of 40 Days of Doubt: Devotions for a Skeptic and Scripture and the Skeptic. After a long journey from Bible Belt religion to atheism and back to Christianity, Eric’s passion is to lead new generations to ask their questions, to doubt their doubts, and to know the truth of God through Jesus Christ. Eric believes we should liberate Jesus from the limitations of religion. Religion is about good behavior and living in fear. Jesus came to give us a better way.

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Julie Mirlicourtois

Executive Producer

Julie produced television programming for CBS News, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and OWN all over the world before moving to Houston, Texas with her family in 2015.  In addition to creating episodes of Maybe God, she’s the Media Director at The Story Church. For most of her life, Julie has been “spiritual but not religious” and never imagined herself working for a church or producing a podcast about God. But after a series of events following her move to Houston, she couldn’t deny God’s existence and His plan for her life.

Geovanna Huffman

Business Manager

Geovanna Huffman currently serves as the Executive Pastor of The Story Church, a church she founded with Eric in 2015, and manages all business operators for the Maybe God Podcast. Pastor Geovanna is passionate about helping people discover God’s love in Jesus Christ.

Kat Brough

Marketing Manager

Kat current serves at The Story Church as the Communications Manager throughout the week – a job she describes as “God sent” in a time she was seeking out real purpose in her career – as well as Marketing Manager with the Maybe God Podcast. She loves getting to share these episodes with the world on the website, social media channels, and more.