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Season 5

Season 5 | November 16, 2022

Are Angels and Demons Real? (Part One)

Dive into a world that is mostly unseen and can’t be explained by science, but is undeniably real to the countless people who’ve experienced it.

Season 5 | November 9, 2022

Redefining Family with Jeremy Pryor (Part Two)

Eric and Jeremy Pryor focus on the practical ways we can improve our families by creating multigenerational teams on mission.

Season 5 | November 3, 2022

Why Modern Families Are Broken with Jeremy Pryor (Part One)

Why does the U.S. have the highest rate of children living in single-parent households of any nation in the world?

Season 5 | October 25, 2022

Reasons for Belief in God with William Lane Craig

The world’s greatest living Christian apologist Dr. William Lane Craig answers questions and more in front of a live audience.

Season 5 | October 18, 2022

The Mystery of The Trinity with Pastor Jim Stern

It's the philosophical cornerstone of the Christian worldview, but very few people are able to articulate its meaning.

Season 5 | October 11, 2022

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Asked by skeptics and believers alike, this age-old question becomes even harder to answer when it relates to young, innocent children.

Season 5 | October 4, 2022

We're All Hypocrites with Mary Jo Sharp

Author and Christian apologist talks about being caught in the tension between the beauty of God's story and the ugliness of human hypocrisy.

Season 5 | September 27, 2022

Cam Ayala On His Life-changing surgery

Cam Ayala shares how his ongoing struggle with Lymphedema and the upcoming surgery have brought him closer to God than ever before.

Season 5 | September 20, 2022

Are We All Getting High? (Part Two)

Former pro baseball player Russell Dixon and his parents relive some of the darkest days of his addiction in hopes of helping other families heal. 

Season 5 | September 13, 2022

Are We All Getting High? (Part One)

Dr. Anna Lembke breaks down what’s happening inside the brains of 40 million Americans dealing with some form of unhealthy compulsion.

Season 4

Season 4 | August 24, 2021

Ben Higgins & Cam Ayala: Will You Accept This Rose? 

Are you tired of people knowing who you are, but no one really knowing you? Two reality TV stars come to understand the importance of being truly known.

Season 4 | June 8, 2021

Whose Side Is God On? (Part Two) 

In the aftermath of recent escalations in violence between Israelis and Palestinians, Maybe God presents a series of honest, raw conversations from the Holy Land.

Season 4 | June 3, 2021

Whose Side Is God On? (Part One)

In the aftermath of recent escalations in violence between Israelis and Palestinians, Maybe God presents a series of honest, raw conversations from the Holy Land.

Season 4 | March 28, 2021

Does Every Orphan Need Adopting?

Most of us would agree that making more adoptions possible is the most obvious solution to the problem, but what if it's not that simple?

Season 4 | March 15, 2021

How Do You Solve A Problem Like The Bible? 

Is the Bible the greatest story ever told, or is it responsible for more bloodshed and oppression than any other book in history?

Season 4 | December 9, 2020

Greg and Gaebri Kelley: What If He Didn't Do It?

The gut-wrenching story of two young people in love who fought for justice against all odds, and found God along the way.

Season 4 | November 5, 2020

Randy Travis on Faith and Country Music

Randy Travis overcame all odds to become a country music legend, but few people know the whole story.

Season 4 | August 27, 2020

An Honest Conversation on Race In The Church

A frank conversation about what it's like being black or brown in a predominantly white congregation.

Season 4 | August 24, 2020

Is God Colorblind?

In the wake of the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and others, the flames of rage engulfed our national conscience. Featuring author Esau McCaulley.

Season 4 | June 18, 2020

What Lives Matter?

Pastor Rudy Rasmus talks about baptizing Beyonce, and being Black and Christian in Trump's America. A conversation with a potent blend of grace and brutal honesty.

Season 4 | June 11, 2020

Should We Stop In The Name Of Love? 

Pastor and best-selling author John Mark Comer shares a grave warning about how distraction and hurry are the two greatest threats to our spiritual and emotional health.

Season 4 | May 2013, 2020

Oh My God, How Much More Can We Go Through

Eric Huffman cold-calls listeners from all over the world to find out how they're coping with the coronavirus crisis. Hear their stories of pain and fear, joy and resilience.

Season 3

Season 3 | July 22, 2019

Can Loving Illegals Save Our Souls (Part Two) 

By giving refugees from Central America a platform to share their powerful stories of faith, this episode compels us all to walk in their shoes.

Season 3 | July 11, 2019

Can Loving Illegals Save Our Souls (Part One) 

On this episode, the Maybe God team travels to El Paso to search for God’s voice in the voices of asylum-seekers and their allies along the border.

Season 3 | July 8, 2019

Bonus: Why Does God Make Us Wait?

Maybe God host and Story Houston pastor Eric Huffman tackles some of the biggest questions and doubts we have about prayer.

Season 3 | May 20, 2019

Are You Seeing Anyone (Part Two)

A young woman shares the story of how one man's love changed her life forever in the most unexpected way.

Season 3 | May 13, 2019

Are You Seeing Anyone (Part One)

Our team explores the world of online dating. With all these choices, why aren’t more people finding The One?

Season 3 | April 15, 2019

Dr. Curt Thompson: Should We Get Naked Together?

Renowned psychiatrist and author explains what’s happening in our brains when we spend our entire lives concealing who we really are.

Season 3 | February 22, 2019

Do Queer People Belong In The Church? (Part Two)

Former anti-Christian gay activist David Bennett challenges both the gay and Christian communities on the debate over homosexuality.

Season 3 | February 14, 2019

Do Queer People Belong In The Church (Part One)

After 40 years of debate, will the second-largest Protestant denomination in America split over marriage and ordination of queer people?

Season 2

Season 2 | December 20, 2018

Do You Believe in Miracles?

Nashville star Alisa Turner shares her incredibly heartbreaking and hopeful story that inspires her music, including her latest hit song, Miracles.

Season 2 | December 3, 2018

Can a Skeptic Be Devoted?

When it comes to God, the Bible, and the supernatural, we've all got more questions than answers.

Season 2 | September 25, 2018

How Do We Rebuild After Life’s Storms?

Multiple guests from Houston, Texas and beyond talk about the moments that life knocked them flat on their backs.

Season 2 | September 4, 2018

Why Did God Flood My City? (Harvey Anniversary)

Exactly one year ago, Houston experienced a flood of Biblical proportions. If God is real, and He cares for us, where was He when our city was drowning?

Season 2 | August 9, 2018

Are Near-Death Experiences for Real? (Part Two)

What is hell, and why would a loving God send people there forever? Eric continues with John Burke, who insists that the God of the Bible isn't who most people believe Him to be.

Season 2 | July 27, 2018

Are Near-Death Experiences for Real? (Part One)

Meet the pastor and New York Times best-selling author who’s spent 30 years studying over a thousand near-death claims, and hear two of the stories that convinced him it’s all real.

Season 2 | July 11, 2018

Can Faith and Doubt Coexist? (Part Two)

After nearly a decade of pastoring churches while questioning everything about God, Eric finds his way back to faith on a trip to get away from the life that had him feeling like a fraud.

Season 2 | June 29, 2018

Can Faith and Doubt Coexist? (Part One)

Nearly everyone doubts the existence or the goodness of God at some point in life, but what happens when you're a pastor who no longer believes?

Season 1

Season 1 | April 5, 2018

Did God Save The Catfish?

After years of struggling through a messy divorce, drug addiction, and depression, Casey finally had the life he always wanted. Then he received news that changed his family's lives.

Season 1 | March 17, 2018

Can God Save a Marriage?

When it comes to marriage, does God make a difference? Are marriages between believers better off than "godless" unions? Eric and his wife explore these questions together.

Season 1 | February 5, 2018

What Lives Matter?

Eric speaks with author, pastor, and humanitarian Rudy Rasmus about baptizing Beyonce, pledging allegiance to the flag, and being Black and Christian in Trump's America.

Season 1 | February 1, 2018

Your Sex Questions Answered

Listeners’ response to “Can Sex Bring You Closer to God?” was so overwhelming, Maybe God brought Deb back for round two to answer your submitted questions about sex, intimacy, and the Church's role to play.

Season 1 | January 25, 2018

Can Sex Bring Us Closer to God?

Deb Hirsch, author of "Redeeming Sex: Naked Conversations about Sexuality and Spirituality", addresses the overwhelming need in our society (and churches) to have deeper conversations about sex.

Season 1 | January 17, 2018

Can an Artist Really Be an Atheist?

World-renowned street artist Sebastien “Mr. D” Boileau has always struggled with the concepts of religion and God, but as an artist he's constantly drawn to pursue transcendence.

Season 1 | January 10, 2018

Why Do People Love to Hate Religion?

Bart was a long-time Christian pastor himself until he was injured in a bike crash in 2011 and began questioning the afterlife. Today he’s a leader in the secular humanist world.