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Maybe God inspires doubtful believers and hopeful skeptics to boldly seek answers to their most challenging faith questions through uplifting and powerful storytelling.

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What's the Matter with Men?

Why do so many men today seem to be in a state of confusion and low grade angst? Why do men so often feel isolated and struggle to express their loneliness? Could it be that our world has grown increasingly hostile toward masculinity? New York Times bestselling author Jefferson Bethke offers a powerful call to men everywhere to step into the light of Jesus' model of masculinity. He joins Maybe God host Eric Huffman to talk about his latest book, Fighting Shadows, co-authored by well-known pastor and author Jon Tyson.

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Hosted by Eric Huffman, a skeptic-at-heart.

Skeptic-at-heart Eric Huffman is the lead pastor of The Story Church, host of the Maybe God Podcast, and author of 40 Days of Doubt: Devotions for a Skeptic and Scripture and the Skeptic. After a long journey from Bible Belt religion to atheism and back to Christianity, Eric’s passion is to lead new generations to ask their questions, to doubt their doubts, and to know the truth of God through Jesus Christ. Eric believes we should liberate Jesus from the limitations of religion. Religion is about good behavior and living in fear. Jesus came to give us a better way.


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