May 24, 2023

Why Can't I Find My Missing Piece?

Inside This Episode

Even as our culture grows more cynical toward monogamy and marriage, the majority of young Americans still hope to find "The One" and get hitched. Deep down, we still believe in life-altering, breathtaking, rapturous love. But what if the love we're searching for isn't the kind of love we really need? Today, we’re revisiting one of our favorite episodes from 2019 (with a BIG update!), where a young woman shares the story of how one man's love changed her life forever in the most unexpected way. Their love story left us wondering if we've lost the plot when it comes to dating and relationships. What if the love we need isn't necessarily romantic or sexual? PLUS, a very special update from Meredith Kirk, four years after recording her original interview. 

Operation Matchmaker:

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