July 3, 2024

Can You Believe in Science and God? (Justin Brierley with Biochemist Sy Garte)

Inside This Episode

Raised in a Marxist, militant atheist family, Sy Garte fell in love with the factual world of science. He became a distinguished research biochemist with an anti-theistic worldview to bolster his work--and he had no intention of seeking a God he didn't believe in. That is, until the very science he loved led him to question the validity of an atheistic worldview. His journey to answer the questions that confronted him drew him into becoming a fully committed Christian, determined to show others the truth: modern science doesn't contradict God at all but instead supports Christianity. 

More about Sy Garte: https://sygarte.com/

Read Sy’s books: https://www.amazon.com/stores/Sy-Garte/author/B001JS80FY?ref=ap_rdr&isDramIntegrated=true&shoppingPortalEnabled=true

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