December 14, 2022

God and Sexuality with Adira Polite

Inside This Episode

After years of following one of our favorite Instagram accounts that shares incredible stories of God moving in people’s lives, we reached out to get to know the heart and mind of the person who created it. That’s when we met Adira Polite, a young African American seminary student. As gifted as she is at sharing other people’s stories on Then God Moved, Adira has for years been remarkably silent when it comes to her own. The more we got to know her, the more convinced we became that it was time for this great storyteller to share all the incredible ways God has and continues to move in her life. Her story is one of God freeing her from sexual desires that conflict with who she believes God created her to be, and while this is one way that God moves in people’s lives, Adira wants those who are struggling with their sexuality to know that God can move in our lives in a million different ways.

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